While online recharge is a boon to millions of customers who believe in the power of internet, there are certain cautions that customers need to exercise at all cost to avoid complicated situations. Since recharging is associated with the customers’ hard earned money it is better not to get entangled in situations where he is unnecessarily wasting time and energy in following up on refunds and failed transactions. Customers need to be vigilant on the following points:-

  1. For first timers of online recharge it is advisable not to try recharging with a large amount. Trial should always be using small denomination so that even if there is an issue one can ignore and not get hassled.
  2. Never try online recharge from a public computer system like the cyber café or office computer. This is because in case you are sharing your financial information on the internet and in the presence of others there is always a risk of the information getting hacked. Also if by mistake you leave the transaction midway and forget to close the window, your information is vulnerable and can be messed with.
  3. While the payment processing is going on, the refresh button on the computer or laptop or even the mobile phone should never be pressed. By pressing this button the process will be stopped midway.
  4. The internet connectivity should be strong during the process of recharging. With slow connectivity, the pages will load slowly and the online recharge process will be stuck midway.
  5. Ensure that the website being used for online recharge is secure. This can be checked by noticing the lock symbol next to the website address. This symbol indicates that the site is genuine and your personal data is well protected.
  6. Since the online recharge is usually done from your personal computer or laptop or even your hand phone, make sure to download an antivirus software or spyware program. This will help protect the system from unnecessary risks of hacking or any other form of cyber bullying.
  7. Lastly use a proper browser as for online payments to process there needs to be some redirections and scripts that are communicated to and fro between the web pages and the payment gateway.

Online transactions fail or get declined at times. Though such cases happen rarely but they do happen. In majority of the cases, it is the customer’s fault that transactions do not get through. Reasons for the same are:-

  • Entering faulty credit card or debit card number
  • Entering details of expired credit or debit card
  • Entering wrong customer id or password in Netbanking
  • Entering incorrect PIN or CVV of the debit or the credit card
  • The credit limit has been crossed by the customer hence the card company rejects the amount
  • The customer pressed refresh or backspace and hence the transaction was hung
  • During outage of your bank

Remember, automated online recharge can happen smoothly only if the customer provides correct information.